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DeshiEvents has an online ticket sales system on its website. The online event ticketing purchase can be customized to any of Event Organisers needs. The event tickets can be categorized into different ticket types, such as ‘General Admission’, ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ or ‘VIP’ tickets etc (or anything you would like to call it to), with different prices for each ticket types. Users can buy these different ticket types and buy upto a maximum number of tickets (maximum ticket purchase limit for each transaction can be set by the organisers).


Each events at the website will be featured on the home page, and they will also be given a unique URL or web address for the specific events. The visitors can access any particular event by going directly to the event url link/web address or via the home page directly.




The website will give the user the option with flexibility, to buy tickets by Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club) or PayPal using the most popular eWay payment gateway system.

Payments using Credit Card:

After successfully entering purchase details, users will be directed to make their payment using secure online payments using the eWay payment system.

eWay is a very popular online payment system, and being used by many big companies online retailers here in Australia and worldwide. Their payment system is secure and safe and complies with Australian Financial Transactions Rules & Regulations. eWays payment system is backed by NAB, one of the major bank in Australia.


Website Payment Security:

eWay payment gateways are world class payment method system and widely used in the market and very popular. It uses state of the art and strong payment security, to avoid online frauds. This is done by using secure connections by the website and the payment gateway server. These two gateways also uses encryption or SSL technology, to encrypt payment information entered on the website.



Online Ticket Generation:

After successful payment, the user will then get an email to their email address with their purchase receipt.

Also in the email there will be PDF file attachment(s) with the online generated e-Tickets for the event. Each ticket will be sent in one PDF file. So if the purchaser bought 10 tickets from online, then they will get 10 PDF file attachments, with each file containing 1 ticket.

Each tickets will be accompanied with a unique 1D barcode, QR Code and an unique Ticket Number.

Please refer to the diagram below for an example of the PDF email layout.

Note: the ticket layout can be customized as per the Event Organiser’s needs, with logos, custom texts provided within the ticket as per the Event Organiser’s requirement.


  { Event Logo }                                    { Ticket Image 1}


  { Event Name }

  { Event Date }

 { Event Time }


  { Event Venue Name }

  { Event Address }


                                                             {Ticket Image 3}  


  { Event descriptions}



{Ticket Image 2}  


                                        Ticket No: { Ticket No}

  { Event Ticket Type Name}         { Ticket Price }

  { Event Ticket Special Instructions }   


  {Ticket Image 4} 









                                     <Ticket Barcode Number here>

  Organised by:

  { Event Organizer Logo } { Event Organiser Name }


  Sponsored by:


   Online Ticketing Solutions by: <DeshiEventsLogo>


Ticket Scanning of Online Tickets at Event Gates:

To avoid online ticketing fraud, each online tickets will contain a unique Barcode and QR Code. Duplicate entries to the venue will be restricted by using a laser 1D barcode scanner and an Android App in a PDA machine, which will read real time data from the database to check if the scanned barcode has already been scanned already.


Ticket Barcode Scanner PDA Device:

At the event entries, Barcode Laser Scanner with Android PDA machine will be used. The laser scanner in the PDA will scan the barcodes and the custom built DeshiEvents Android application in the PDA will then check the database against the scanned barcode to check for duplicate entries or to save entry details in the database, and these will happen all in real time.