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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. What is an e-Ticket?

A: An e-Ticket is an event ticket sent to you onlina via email, and it is printable at the end of placing your transaction through our website.


Q. How will I receive my tickets?

A. You will be emailed your ticket confirmation, which you will be able to print off and show at the entrance to your event to gain entry. You can also show your ticket(s) from your Smartphone or Tablet device at the venue, and thus avoiding the need to print the tickets. We strongly advise that you also take your payment credit/debit card at the venue, which is used to make the ticket payment online.


Q. Once I get my e-Ticket what do I do?

A. Simply print out your emailed e-Tickets (PDF file) and take that to the event with the payment card used to purchase the tickets. The event organiser will cross check the details with their records and you will gain entry. You can also show your ticket(s) from your Smartphone or Tablet device at the venue, and thus avoiding the need to print the tickets. 


Q. What are the benefits on buying tickets in advance?

A. Buying ticket in advance provides many benefits such as: cheaper than the on the door price, avoiding queues at the venue to purchase tickets and getting delayed etc. 

Q. Will the entry prices to an event ever change?

A. Sometimes event prices will change during the course of their listing. Booking tickets as early as possible is advised as events prices tend to increase when close to sell out and/or nearer to the event date.


Q. Are there any additional bookings fees when I buy online?

A. Booking fees will be applied to only a small number of events and these will be clearly displayed. However, we try our utmost to prevent booking fees needing to be charged. However there is a small transaction fee applicable per attendee and this is charged during the checkout process.


Q. How long will I have to wait till my e-ticket confirmation arrives?

A. As soon as your payment is authorised from our payment gateway eWay, then you will receive your e-ticket confirmation within 30 minutes of your purchase.


Q. I am trying to pay but my credit card keeps getting refused?

A.  Double check the details you are entering and re-submit your card. If it is still failing, contact your credit card supplier or Bank/Financial Institution for further information.


Q. How will the venue know who I am?

A. The venue or promoter is provided with the details of everyone who has purchased tickets for their event and will check at the door using the databse and barcode scanner device scanning the e-tickets. As long as you take your e-ticket email confirmation with you and the entry has not been recorded against that ticket, then entry will be granted.


Q. Can I get a discount if I buy bulk tickets?

A. It really depends on the Event Organisers and if they provide any discounts for buying bulk tickets. If the Event Organisers have such discounted offers, then they will be made available for purchase in the website.

Q. How many tickets can I buy per event?

A.  You can by a maximum of 20 tickets per transaction at from the website as long as they are shown as available. If you need to purchase more than 20 tickets, then you have to purchase them in separate transactions.


Q. Is there an age limit to the events you sell tickets for?

A. Any age restrictions are event specific and are highlighted next to each event so please be sure to check this before purchasing.


Q. I did not receive and e-Ticket confirmation, what shall I do?

A. Sometimes your eTickets confirmation or purchase confirmation email from website can be in your Spam Inbox. Be sure to check your spam inbox first and if the email does goes to your Spam Inbox then please ensure that you mark ‘’ email as ‘Safe’, so that any future emails arrives to your Main Inbox rather than in your Spam Inbox.

If you still cannot locate the email or haven’t received the email, then please email us on or call us on 0422 691 313, and we will arrange the confirmation to be resent. This can sometimes be due to an incorrect email address being entered during purchasing.


Q. Will I need a PayPal account to buy tickets?

A. NO. Even if you have don't have a PayPal account, you can still purchase tickets online at using your Credit Card or Debit card. All our payments are made using the eWay payment gateway, which accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. You also have the option to buy using PayPal if you want to.


Q. I am an event organiser and would like to add my event onto your website.

A. We offer some great incentives to event organisers to sell through our website. Please call 0422 691 313 to talk to one of our sales agents, or email


Q. I wish to complain about an event that DeshiTickets is selling or has sold tickets for in the past.

A. We encourage customer feedback as we want all out customers to enjoy the best service. If you wish to bring any complaints to the attention of our team you can call 0422 691 313 or email